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Breakfast Griddle Sandwiche
The 2 Week Diet
4 frozen whole wheat waffles, toasted
3-4 eggs
Salt and pepper, to taste

1 Tablespoon butter

2 cooked sausage patties

For assembly:

Cheese (I used shredded mexican blend, but you can use whatever you prefer)Butter

Homemade syrup (recipe follows)

Scramble eggs in the butter. You may either add the cheese as the eggs are cooking or place on sandwiches during assembly.Paula Deen’s recipe calls for crumbling the cooked sausage into the eggs. I placed whole patties on the ones I made.
Assemble sandwiches and top with butter and syrup. If you want to eat these on the go, you can leave the butter and syrup off the top. Instead spread a little butter and jelly inside the waffles before assembling.


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